To ensure your maximum safety, some items or substances cannot be carried on Czech Airlines flights. These rules may vary with other airlines and in other countries. We recommend that you always check in advance with the operating carrier or at the airports of your journey which items and substances are prohibited to carry on your person or in your luggage.

What to expect?

Prior to boarding an aircraft, every passenger, their baggage and personal items must pass a security check. Please follow the instructions of airport security control workers during the check.

Certain items and substances may only be carried in checked baggage, but must not enter the aircraft cabin. It is prohibited to carry dangerous items and substances aboard Czech Airlines flights. Learn more under the Prohibited items section.

Security Control Protocol:

  • Please have your travel documents (passport or ID card) and your boarding pass ready for inspection before the security control starts. Present your travel documents to security control workers upon request,
  • Place your cabin baggage on the conveyor belt that will take it through the detection control. Place your personal belongings, head covers, outer wear (jackets, coats, blazers, sweaters, etc.), the content of your pockets and your belt in the provided plastic containers and submit for detection control,
  • All electronic devices, e.g. mobile telephones, notebooks and tablets, must pass security control. Please remove your computer from its protective packing, place it into its own plastic container and submit for the detection control,
  • Upon request by the security control worker, walk through the metal detector,
  • We recommend you travel in shoes which can be easily removed and put back on during the security check,
  • If necessary, you will be subject to a control by a handheld metal detector and/or to a physical check.