Working with renowned Czech chefs, we prepare meals for you using top quality ingredients to ensure that the food tastes the same on-board at an altitude of almost 11km as on the ground. In Business Class, we serve exceptional meals and offer a wide selection of beverages, all included in the ticket price. On short-haul flights, passengers with Economy Class tickets can order hot and cold meals from our Gourmet menu offer or purchase light sweet or savoury snacks and drinks during the flight.

Short-Haul Flights across Europe and to the Near East

Business Class

As our premium customers traveling in the Business Class, your ticket includes top-quality refreshments. In addition to the traditional welcome drink, the menu includes an appetizer, main course, salad, dessert, and fresh bread and butter, all served on porcelain. There is also an unlimited selection of both hot and cold soft and alcoholic drinks.

On flights departing in the morning, hot breakfast is served as the main course.

Economy Class

We only provide passengers with tickets purchased under the FLEX price package with free in-flight refreshments on our routes across Europe and to the Near East. Passengers with tickets purchased under the LITE or PLUS price packages can order our Gourmet menus in advance or purchase light snacks and drinks on board.

Light Snacks Included in Ticket Price

If you hold a ticket purchased under the FLEX price package, aboard the aircraft, we will serve you a light snack in a box, comprising a fresh Ciabatta bread with chicken meat, a piece of chocolate or biscuit and water, as your free in-flight refreshments.The ticket must be purchased 54 hours before departure. If you wish to get hot or cold gourmet menu Gourmet menu service, you can buy it in-flight.

Order Hot or Cold Meals in Advance

Passengers with tickets purchased under the LITE and PLUS or FLEX price packages can now order our hot and cold meals offered as part of the gourmet menu service based on their preferences, provided they do so at a minimum 24 hours before departure. We will also serve you one non-alcoholic drink with each purchased cold Gourmet menu on a complimentary basis. Order gourmet menu online here.

Preorder your favourite meal

MENU-ON-BOARD Paid In-Flight Refreshments

Did you not have the chance to order your hot or cold Gourmet menu before departure? Would you like to get a drink or a light snack during your flight? During all regular Czech Airlines and Smartwings-operated flights, you can select from the menu-on-board offer and purchase for example a hot meal, French quiche, or a panini, which will be heated on board by the crew upon request. The offer also includes stuffed baguettes, cheesecake, alongside a selection of sweet and savoury snacks. You can also order hot and cold soft and alcoholic beverages, including traditional Czech lager beer, wine and Champagne. On top of that, there are several menu deals.

We accept credit and debit cards, and cash in Czech crowns.

Menu-on-board in-flight refreshments are offered on all regular Czech Airlines and Smartwings-operated short haul routes across Europe, to the Near and Middle East and to North Africa.