Secure your preferred seat in advance, ideally by buying it together with your ticket. The earlier you book, the better seat you will get. You can also reserve your preferred seat later using the My bookings online application, via our contact centre and ticketing offices or by contacting your ticketing agent. Last minute preferred seat purchases are available during online check-in, i.e. from 36 hours to 1 hour before departure.

You can buy preferred seats together with tickets issued under the LITE, PLUS and FLEX packages. Passengers with tickets purchased under the BUSINESS LITE and BUSINESS packages have the preferred seat option included in the ticket price.

My bookings

Preferred Seat Fees

Preferred seats are subject to a fee based on the destination and location aboard the aircraft:

Preferred Seat Location Aboard Aircraft Short- and medium-haul routes
Window Seats /Middle Seats / Isle Seats
Front rows on Airbus or
Back rows on ATR
300 CZK / 12 EUR*
Emergency Exit Seats
All aircraft
600 CZK / 25 EUR*

* Or local currency equivalent.

Preferred seats can only be booked on Czech Airlines operated flights.

Emergency Exit Row Seating Regulations

Only passengers in compliance with the following rules and regulations may be seated in emergency exit rows:

  • you are at least 12 years old. (Children from 12 to 16 years of age may only be seated in emergency exit rows if accompanied by an adult.),
  • you can read, understand and follow instructions given by the crew in Czech and English,
  • you are physically capable and willing to open the emergency exit door in the case of an emergency,
  • you are not a person with limited mobility and/or orientation,
  • you are not travelling with a person dependant on your assistance in the case of an emergency,
  • you do not require seat belt extensions,
  • you are not carrying an animal on board of flight,
  • you are not pregnant,
  • you are not aware of any other limitations (e.g. medical or psychological) which could prevent you from complying with the above-listed rules and regulations or cause harm to you or others.

The crew is authorised to reseat passengers who are not in compliance with the rules and regulations listed above.

No baggage or items may be stored under emergency exit row seats.

If you purchase non-refundable tickets, the seat booking fee is also non-refundable.