To ensure your utmost safety, certain objects and fluids are banned from transport aboard Czech Airlines flights. The below‑listed rules may vary per different airlines and countries. We recommend that you always check beforehand with the operating carrier and airports of transfer during your journey which items and fluids are banned from transport either on your person or in your baggage.

Items Prohibited in Aircraft Cabin

You may not have the following prohibited items either on your person or in your baggage during transport:

  • firearms and other devices which eject projectiles,
  • stunning devices (e.g. paralysers, tasers, batons, etc.),
  • objects with sharp points or edges,
  • work tools,
  • sports equipment or martial arts equipment (e.g. softball and baseball bats, batons, etc.),
  • tools resembling weapons (e.g. guns, grenades, etc.).

The above-listed items may only be transported in checked baggage.

Restrictions on the Import of Products of Animal Origin

Based on the European Commission Regulation (EC) No 206/2009 imports of products of animal origin from third countries to the European Union are restricted. Review the import rules and regulations here.

Items Prohibited in Air Transport

Transport of the following objects and substances of a hazardous nature is prohibited:

  • briefcases or satchels with alarms,
  • explosives and fireworks including pyrotechnics,
  • flammables (matches, lighters, lubricants, alcohol with the exception of 5 litres of alcoholic beverages with alcohol content from 25 to 70% in retail packaging per person),
  • compressed gas (flammable, non-flammable and poisoning),
  • corrosives and corrosive items (acids, alkali and peroxide),
  • toxic and irritant substances,
  • radioactive material,
  • magnetic materials,
  • mercury,
  • acumulators and batteries with liquid electrolyte,
  • infectious agents,
  • dry ice in the amount larger than 2.5kg.

The above-listed items may only be transported by air as cargo on special conditions.