Business Class Upgrade Auction Game

If you have purchased an Economy Class ticket on our website and would like to travel Business Class, use the Plusgrade service. If you are interested, please use the MY BOOKINGS application and place a bid of an amount you wish to pay for travelling Business Class. We will then evaluate your bid with regard to the ticket price and additional services purchased. If you get a Business Class seat, charges for already purchased additional services, such as preferred seat, excess baggage allowance, Gourmet or Business Menu and airport lounge visits, are non-refundable. We will inform you about your bid evaluation result no later than 24 hours before the departure of your flight.

Check, using the MY BOOKINGS application, if you are eligible for the Plusgrade service.

With a Business Class seat, you will be able to enjoy the following perks:

  • Priority Check-in at check in desks used by Business Class passengers
  • Checked Baggage allowance of 2 pieces: 32kg each
  • Cabin Baggage allowance of 2 pieces: 8kg each
  • VIP lounge visits at selected airports
  • SkyPriority - e.g. Priority Boarding
  • Comfortable Business Class seat
  • Business Class Menu

Plusgrade Terms and Conditions can be found here.