Flying During the Time of Coronavirus

Measures on Board

Boarding Aircraft with Mandatory Nose and Mouth Cover (Face Mask)

Before boarding Czech Airlines and Smartwings aircraft and throughout the flight, all passengers must wear protective mouth and nose gear. This requirement does not apply to children under two years of age and other people subject to exemptions specified in the relevant crisis or emergency measures in place.

Failure to comply with the safety measure will be considered a breach of Czech Airlines/Smartwings Conditions of Carriage. As a result, the passenger in breach of the Conditions may be excluded from transport.

Therefore, we ask that you bring your own protective gear in the form of disposable face masks, respirators, home-made cotton face masks or scarves and shawls. The face shield is not accepted as a stand-alone protective gear (i.e., without use in combination with any of the above). Our crew members will also use protective airways and hand gear.

Strict Hygiene Standards Aboard Our Aircraft

Our aircraft interiors undergo a thorough disinfection process before and after each flight according to the strictest hygienic standards, including seats, tray tables, seat pockets, overhead lockers and lavatories.

Please Note:
We recommend you always check the current rules and regulations for entering the country of your final destination before your journey. This also applies to citizens and permanent residents as well as passengers in transit or transfer. In some cases, a negative COVID‑19 test result may be required. For additional information on rules and regulations for entering or transferring through the country of your final destination, please contact the authorities of the respective country.

Social Distancing

Protective Measures Within the Premises of Václav Havel Airport Prague

Flying from/to Prague? Review the protective measures applied within the premises of Prague Airport.

Your safety is our priority.

Two-metre Gaps

Please maintain a two-metre gap from others when boarding or disembarking the aircraft.

Online Check-in

If possible, please use the relevant section of our website to check in for your flight online.

Contactless Payments

Only contactless payments, i.e. credit or debit cards, are accepted aboard our aircraft.

On-board Seating

Sufficient seating capacity permitting, gaps will be maintained between passengers in Economy Class. Business Class seating arrangements will always leave the middle seat empty. On aircraft with a two-seat configuration, there will always be only one person seated per pair of seats.


Please note that the general procedures of security checkpoints may have been adjusted. We recommend arriving at airports ahead of time. There are also restrictions governing the provision of certain services. Airport lounges, restaurants, shops and other facilities may thus be temporarily closed.

In-flight Service Limitations

Refreshments Aboard Czech Airlines Flights

There might be changes to the pre-ordered meals from our GOURMET MENU selection in Economy Class, while in Business Class, where we can guarantee a free seat between passengers, refreshments will be served as usual. A limited selection of the BISTRO-ON-BOARD in-flight refreshments will be offered. Details will be provided by the crew. All in-flight refreshments include protective wrapping.

Please remove your face masks only while eating your meals and drinking your beverages! When you have finished eating and drinking, put your face mask back on immediately.

Travel Sky Shop FLY & BUY

In order to minimise contacts between passengers and crew members, it will not be possible to purchase merchandise offered by the in-flight FLY& BUY magazine.

Mywings In-flight Magazine

All printed materials distributed on-board our aircraft have been limited to a minimum. Therefore, you will not find the in-flight Mywings magazine aboard our aircraft at the moment.

Country-specific Entry Regulations

On flights to some destinations, you may be asked to fill in a form directly aboard the aircraft or at the airport. Therefore, please remember to carry a pen while in flight as, for hygienic reasons, writing accessories cannot be distributed by the crew.

Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Travel Conditions

All passengers heading to the Czech Republic and having stayed for more than 12 hours in the last 14 days in countries that are not on the list of countries with a low risk of Covid-19 must complete an online Public Health Passenger Locator Form before arriving in the Czech Republic.

More information can be found here.

Temporary Closure of Prague Sales Offices

Czech Airlines sales offices (on Evropská 846/176a, Prague 6 and in Prague Airport Terminals 1 & 2) are temporarily closed due to the anti-crisis measures adopted by the Government of the Czech Republic. We apologise for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding. 



As from August 1st, all passengers travelling to Belgian territory need to complete a Passenger Locator Form (PLF) regardless of their departure point and nationality. This is possible as from 48h before boarding the flight.

The PLF must be completed online, where the passenger will obtain a QR code receipt to be presented at check-in and/or boarding. Only persons who are technically unable to fill in the electronic form will be allowed to use the paper form - filled out and handed over before boarding.

Passengers failing to submit this form or providing misleading and incomplete information will be denied boarding.



As of 12 September 2020, only people who meet the criteria listed here are allowed entry to Denmark.



Before your journey, please review the current conditions for travelling to Finland based on the recommendations of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare available HERE.



Change of CABIN BAGGAGE Rules for Departures from Germany

Based on the decision of the German Federal Police, in order to ensure the best protection of passengers and staff during security checks at airports, it is possible to carry ONLY ONE PIECE OF CABIN BAGGAGE UPON DEPARTURES FROM GERMANY, i.e. either a cabin bag or a small personal bag. Please make sure you do not have these prohibited items either on your person or in your carry-on baggage.

In cases where your ticket price tariff allows you to carry more than one piece of cabin baggage free of charge, you can check another piece of cabin baggage free of charge to be  transported as checked baggage.

This new policy also applies to transit passengers who pass security checks at airports in Germany.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your co-operation.


Wear Face Masks at Frankfurt Airport

If you are flying from/to Frankfurt, please do not forget to cover your nose and mouth with protective equipment (a face mask) at the airport. This obligation applies to the premises of terminals, shops, restaurants (excluding drinking and eating) and airport means of transport. Children under the age of six and people who cannot have airways blocked for health or psychological reasons are subject to exemption.

Great Britain

Great Britain

Before your trip, review the current measures applied by the UK government to enter the territory of United Kingdom, including mandatory online registration prior to your arrival.
Learn more about the conditions of entering the country at:



From 28 September 2020, passengers must submit a confirmation of a negative SARS CoV-2 test not older than 72 hours before entering Greece. More information can be found here.

Moreover, all passengers must fill in a registration form latest the previous day before arrival.

After filling out the form, the passenger will receive an email or SMS message with a QR code, which should be presented together with the required travel documents at the check-in counter. The QR code can be presented printed or displayed on the screen of a portable electronic device (mobile phone, etc.).

Passengers who fail to present a confirmation of a negative SARS CoV-2 test and a QR code or a confirmation of a timely registration during checking in, will be excluded from transport.

We recommend filling in the form in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. The QR code is usually generated and received on the day of passengers´ scheduled arrival at the destination.

Due to the time difference, we recommend filling in the form no later than 24 hours before the scheduled arrival at the destination.

Only one form is allowed for all family members travelling together. In this case, all family members will prove themselves by a common QR code, or by email confirming joint registration.



Before the trip, review the new measures applied by the Icelandic government to enter the territory of Iceland.

The Icelandic authorities require all arriving passengers to undergo quarantine. All passengers traveling to Iceland are required to fill out a pre-registration form before arrival, which includes their contact information, address during their quarantine in Iceland and a declaration of health. Children born 2005 or later are exempt from pre-registration, testing and quarantine related to travel. Quarantine duration after arrival is 14 days but by undergoing a test for COVID-19 on arrival to Iceland and again after 5 days, this period may be shortened (see for details). A fee is charged for the test, payable on registration or at the border when the first sample is collected. The 2nd test is included in this charge.

Learn more about the conditions of entering the country here:
Instructions for quarantine for visitors in Iceland
Frequently Asked Questions



From 8 October 2020, passengers must submit a confirmation of a negative SARS CoV-2 test not older than 72 hours before entering Italy.

The test can also be taken upon arrival in the country. More information can be found here.


All passengers heading to Sardinia (Cagliari) must complete the registration form available on the Sardinia website before departure.

After registration, passengers will receive a confirmation email, which they will present at check-in together with the required travel documents.

The confirmation must be filled in electronically.



As of 15 September 2020, people arriving in the Netherlands who had spent time in Prague prior to their journey must quarantine themselves for ten days. This applies even to people who show no symptoms of Covid-19 or have tested negative for the disease. The measure does not apply to those travelling from other parts of the Czech Republic.

For more details, see here.




All passengers heading to Madeira must complete the registration form available on The form must be completed 48-12 hours before departure.



From 7 October 2020, persons arriving into Romania from the Czech Republic are required to undergo a two-week quarantine.

For more details, please see here.



The entry of foreigners to Russian Federation continues to be limited. Categories of persons allowed to enter the territory of the Russian Federation are listed here. Please make sure you are compliant with the conditions for entry to the Russian Federation.

All passengers are required to complete the Application Form upon arrival in the Russian Federation and present it at the passport control.

All foreign citizens are required to present a medical document confirming the PCR test for COVID-19 with a negative result passed not earlier than 3 calendar days prior to arrival in the Russian Federation. Foreign passengers without this document may not be allowed to board the aircraft.



As of 18 September 2020, people arriving from the Czech Republic must present a negative Covid-19 test or register using the e-border form and quarantine themselves for five days during which they must get tested.

For more details, see here.



All passengers travelling to Spain must complete an electronic form available on or in the SPAIN TRAVEL HEALTH-SpTH application before departure.



Effective from 1st November 2020, payments for extra baggage, overweight baggage or other additional services at Stockholm Arlanda Airport are only possible by credit card. Cash payments are not accepted.



With effect from 28 August 2020 to 28 September 2020, the entry of foreigners into the territory of Ukraine is prohibited, with the exception of the categories of persons listed here. Please make sure you meet the conditions for entry to Ukraine.

Visit the IATA websites and check the current rules and regulations for entering the country of your final destination.

Partner Airlines

A situation may occur where you purchase a Czech Airlines ticket (Czech Airlines is a marketing carrier), but the operating carrier is a partner airline. Alternatively, another carrier operates part of your journey.

We recommend that you visit the websites of our partner airlines for all the latest information on Covid-19 travel instructions aboard their aircraft:

For the latest information from SkyTeam, an airline alliance of which Czech Airlines is a member, please click here.