Czech Airlines (CSA) is resuming flights to another five European destinations in May and June.

As of Wednesday, May 12, CSA is resuming scheduled flights between Prague and Copenhagen. The route will be operated four times a week, with increasing frequency up to daily flights. As June, CSA is planning to resume flights to Odesa, Ukraine (June 1); Keflavik, Island (June 2); Amsterdam (June 4); and to Malta (June 12). Resumption of CSA’s operations is conditional on lifting of travel restrictions imposed by the respective countries in association the epidemiological situation.

Copenhagen – as of 12 May 2021, increasing frequency of flights up to daily

Odesa – as of 1 June 2021, twice a week

Keflavik – as of 2 June 2021, up to four times a week

Amsterdam – as of 4 June 2021, up to daily

Malta – as of 12 June 2021, once a week

CSA currently operates scheduled flights to Paris (4 per week), Stockholm (2 per week), Kyiv (daily), and Moscow (3 per week). The number of flights to these destinations is also planned to increase as of June.

With respect to the current situation caused by the Covid- 19 pandemic, Czech Airlines offers its clients free rebooking for all existing and new individual bookings by 30 June 2021. The latest departure date for a rebooked flight is 31 March 2022. Together with their flight tickets, clients can purchase travel insurance on the CSA website complete with coverage of the costs in the event of contracting the COVID-19 disease.

With respect to the continuing travel restrictions and the inability for passengers to fully use the benefits of the OK Plus loyalty program, Czech Airlines has also adjusted the terms and conditions for mile collection and member card validity. Miles past the expiration date will be transferred to the following period.