You can transport musical instruments, works of art, and valuable and fragile items as cabin baggage within your free allowance. If the item exceeds the weight and/or size cabin baggage limits, we will transport it in passenger cabin on the seat next to you subject to the below-listed conditions. Please request transport of valuable and fragile items ahead of time via our contact centre or through your ticketing agent, but at a minimum 24 hours before departure.

Transport Fees

A charge, equal to the adult ticket price without airport charges, is collected for transport of valuable and fragile items on a separate seat.

Condition of Carriage

Valuable and fragile items transported on a separate seat must be packed in protective packing and their transport must be confirmed together with your seat confirmation. To book the transport, we will require the exact weight and sizes of the transported item.

With regard to passenger safety, valuable and fragile items transport is limited as follows: the maximum weight must not exceed 20kg and the maximum sizes must not exceed 42 x 41 x 80cm with the exception of musical instruments where the maximum sizes must not exceed 49 x 35 x 135cm.

Cargo Shipment

Heavier and/or large items which cannot be transported in passenger cabin can be shipped as cargo for a fee.

Flights Operated by Other Airlines

If your flight is operated by an airline other than Czech Airlines, the transport rules of valuable and fragile items may vary. Please contact the ticketing agent or the operating carrier for additional information.