We will transport your sports equipment as checked baggage provided it is in protective packing and its maximum size does not exceed 250cm (the sum total of its length, width and height) and its weight does not exceed 32kg. The following items are considered sports equipment:

  • Ski equipment (one pair of skis and poles or one snowboard with a pair of boots or one pair of water skis),
  • Golf equipment (a bag with golf clubs, golf balls and one pair of shoes),
  • A bicycle (partially disassembled for transport with the handle bars in direct axis and the pedals removed),
  • A surfboard or windsurfing set,
  • Fishing and diving equipment or a set of hockey sticks or other sports equipment,
  • Firearms and Ammunition to a maximum weight of 5kg per person for sport and hunting purposes: Please ensure ahead of time that you possess the required license for the possession and transport of firearms. Ammunition must be removed from the firearm and packed separately. It is prohibited to transport ammunition with explosive or flammable projectiles.

Sports Equipment Transport Booking and Fees

We need to reserve space for sports equipment transport in the aircraft hold. Please book sports equipment transport ahead of time, ideally with the ticket purchase, via our contact centre, through our ticketing offices or your ticketing agent, and do so at the latest 48 hours prior to the departure.

Sports equipment is not included in the free checked baggage allowance. A fee of 75 EUR / 1,800 CZK is paid for each piece of the sports equipment and for each direction of its transport. Transport of firearms and ammunition is subject to a fee of 100 EUR / 2,400 CZK for each travelled direction.

Some sports equipment must be handled at the oversize baggage counter for its size. Please follow the instructions of the handling agents.

Flights Operated by Other Airlines

If your flight is operated by an airline other than Czech Airlines, the sports equipment transport rules may vary. Please contact the ticketing agent or the operating carrier for additional information.


For technical reasons, it is not possible to handle sports equipment in excess of the 32kg weight limit and/or 250cm size limit (the sum total of its length, width and height including handles, side pockets and wheels). If technically possible, such equipment will be transported as cargo consignments for a fee.