Flight tickets to Košice

Košice is as interesting as Marseille in France. The reason? The medieval centre, almost undiscovered by tourists, a mixture of Gothic, Renaissance and Art Nouveau. A host of cultural experiences await you, with local theatres, concerts and galleries.

Prague Kosice
One-way flight from
80 EUR

We are on the same board for 100 years!

Festive flight Prague – Košice – Prague on the occasion of 100th anniversary of the first commercial flight to Košice

Celebrate with us the centennial of the first commercial flight to Košice Airport and join the unique festive flight!

Sunday, 5 May 2024, will mark 100 years since the historically first scheduled flight which landed at the airport of Košice, located at that time between the present Južná trieda street and the railway tracks in the territory of Košice municipality. It was Czechoslovak State Airlines´ (ČSA) scheduled service on the route Prague – Bratislava – Košice which launched the civil aviation operation to and from Košice.

  • AirportAirport Košice (KSC)
  • Distance517 km
  • Estimated flight time1:10

On this occasion – Košice Airport in cooperation with Czech Airlines will operate a festive flight on 11 April 2024 to commemorate this anniversary.

  • Flight number: OK 1924 Praha – Košice and OK 2024 Košice – Praha
  • When: 11 April 2024
  • Departure from Prague: Václav Havel Airport Prague (Terminal 2) at 17:25
  • Arrival at Košice: 18:35
  • Departure from Košice: Letiště Košice at 20:05
  • Arrival at Prague: 21:20
  • Aircraft type: Airbus A320 (capacity 180 seats)
  • Ticket price: one-way Prague – Košice or Košice – Prague 80 EUR (2020 CZK approximately) with hand baggage only or 105 EUR (2696 CZK approximately) with checked baggage (all taxes and charges included)

Take the whole roundtrip Prague – Košice – Prague flight! Book both flights Prague – Košice and Košice – Prague and join a small celebration of the centennial directly at Košice airport premises.

During the layover at Košice airport, you are invited to a small celebration with food & beverages and you will have the opportunity to take pictures on the tarmac with Czech Airlines aircraft. You can reserve your seat for free and will be able to check in on-line 36 hours prior to departure.

Get to know Košice

One of the most interesting tourist destinations. At least that’s how American CNN described Kosice in 2013. It is just as fascinating as Marseille in France, for instance. Why? It is a mediaeval centre, almost undiscovered by tourists, a blend of Gothic, Renaissance and Art Nouveau. With hundreds of cultural treats offered by the local theatres, concerts and non-commercial galleries. A city for a young, unconventional spirit. This is also thanks to the university and its students.

How to spend time in Košice

History in one street

Kosice - St. Elisabeth's Cathedral History in one street As cultural life is based around the centre, let’s head to Hlavní ulice (Main Street). It is not for nothing that this street is said to have more sights than anywhere in town. This north-south arterial road is around 1.2 kilometres long. In the past its width was limited by the Čermel’ stream that used to run along here. The symbol of the city is St. Elizabeth's Cathedral. It’s certainly the biggest in Slovakia and can hold over five thousand people. According to some sources it is also the most easterly Gothic cathedral in Europe. Just a few steps away stands the St. Urban Tower. This is the bell tower of St. Elizabeth's Cathedral from the 14th century. This was also originally Gothic, but was later rebuilt in the Renaissance style. The heart of the bell tower is the Urban Bell, which dates from the 16th century and weighs 5 tons.

And from the church to the prison – the Mikluš Prison. The original 15th-century Gothic townhouses were connected and started to be used as a prison and dungeon in the 17th century. Its melancholy past was preserved here until the early 20th century. It was not until after the Second World War that the place became home to a gallery and museum. Wondering what to do in the evening? So get tickets to the Neo-baroque Kosice Theatre, perhaps, although there are easily a dozen theatres in Kosice.

Yet there’s still plenty of time until evening. What about something to remember the city by? The Levoča House is perfect for photos, selfies or videos. A Gothic gem with a distinctive bay window, which for centuries has attracted passers-by.


Archaeologists are clear on the matter. People lived in what is now Kosice back in the Early Stone Age. The first written record, however, dates back to 1230. Thanks to its strategic position money flowed into the town’s coffers and made it very rich. In the 16th century the town fell to the Habsburgs. Today, it is home to around a quarter of a million people, with well over 300 thousand in the conurbation as a whole.

Food and Drinks

It’s time for a tasty treat

Why spend ages looking for a good place to eat? Just stop right where you are. After all, the Levoča House is the oldest continuously running inn in Slovakia. Give their bean or lentil soup a try. Add some brynza gnocchi. And for dessert? Try a poppy-seed or walnut cake. Desserts that never disappoint. You can have an afternoon coffee in the Art Nouveau Slavia café. This is also on Main Street and is considered the finest Art Nouveau building in Kosice.