Czech Airlines Launches Sales of Five New Price Packages

1 de diciembre, 2016

Effective today, Czech Airlines is launching sales of five new Price and Product Packages within the category of Branded Fares. The new LITE, PLUS and FLEX packages for Economy Class and the BUSINESS LITE and BUSINESS packages for Business Class will replace the existing Value, Standard, Flexi and Business packages.

The introduction of Branded Fares is Czech Airlines’ reaction to aviation trends in Europe and client preferences. As an innovation, upon ticket purchases, all services included in the ticket price will be clearly visible to customers and all differences between the individual packages will be highlighted. Customers will thus get a clearer review of the offers and only select and pay for the services required. Thus, customers will be certain that they are purchasing something they are going to use. Branded Fares also allow a better combination of services included in the ticket price with additional services, thus creating an individual package based on customers’ needs. 

Another advantage of the new Branded Fare Price Packages is their unified look and clear display within all distribution channels and better accessibility for all types of customers via direct and indirect means of sale.

The LITE package is designed for customers looking for the lowest price offer. It covers the transport of a passenger with only carry-on baggage from point A to point B. Other services are provided for a fee or not available (seat selection, refunds). The LITE package is now offered on all Czech Airlines regular flights except the Riyadh and Seoul long-haul routes at any point of sale until the aircraft capacity is completely sold out.

The PLUS package is the ideal choice for customers looking for an optimal price/extent of service ratio. Compared to the LITE package, it includes the transport of 1 piece of checked baggage and the option of advanced seat selection. The price difference between the PLUS and LITE packages is 20 EUR per segment.

The FLEX package has been designed for customers who prefer flexibility and multiple services included in the ticket price under an all-in offer. Compared to the PLUS package, it also allows free changes to existing reservation departure or arrival dates, supports the option of cancelling the ticket for 60 EUR per segment, the SkyPriority service, free transport of 1 piece of sports equipment (golf bag or skis) up to a maximum weight of 15 kg and light in-flight snacks. The price difference between the FLEX and PLUS packages is 40 EUR per segment.

The BUSINESS package is a package with the greatest value which includes complex services and premium travelling perks including full flexibility, such as free changes to departure or arrival dates and ticket refunds.

The new, better priced, BUSINESS LITE package for travel in Business Class is designed for passengers who want to enjoy complex services and all the perks of premium travelling but do not require departure and arrival date flexibility, i.e. changes for a fee. Tickets purchased under this package cannot be cancelled.

More details regarding new Czech Airlines Price Packages can be found here.