Aircraft Fleet

Czech Airlines currently operates a modern 13-aircraft fleet. We use aircraft manufactured by the European concern Airbus for Medium- and Long-Haul flights, while Short-Haul distances are operated by turbo propeller ATR aircraft.

Airbus A330

Type Airbus A330-323
Capacity Most commonly used configuration: 24J/252Y (max 276 passengers)
Length  63,7m
Wing span  60,3m
Maximum speed  493kt (913km/h)
Maximum altitude  41,400ft (12,621 m)
Range  5,500nm (10,186km)
MTOW  230,000kg
Amount  1
Matriculation OK-YBA

Airbus A319

Type Airbus A319-112
Capacity Most commonly used configuration: 144Y (max. 144 passengers), 4J/138Y (max. 142 passengers) or 8J/132Y (max. 140 passengers)
Length 33,8m
Wing span 34,1m
Maximum speed 470kt (870km/h)
Maximum altitude 39,800ft (12,134m)
Range 3,150nm (5,834km)
MTOW 68,000kg; 75,500kg
Amount 6

ATR 72

Type ATR 72-500
Capacity Most commonly used configuration: 64Y (max. 64 passengers), 4J/56Y (max. 60 passengers) or 6J/52Y (max. 58 passengers)
Length 27,17m
Wing span 27,05m
Maximum speed 375kt (695km/h)
Maximum altitude 25,000ft (7,621m)
Range 840nm (1,556km)
MTOW 22,500kg
Amount 5
Matriculations OK-GFQ, OK-GFR, OK-GFS,

Boeing 737-800

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Type B737-86N
Capacity Most commonly used configuration: 10J/174Y (max 189 passengers)
Length  39,5m
Wing span 35,8m
Maximum speed  Mach 0,82
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Maximum altitude  41,000ft
Range 5,700km
MTOW 78,999kg
Amount  1
Matriculation OK-TST