Want to know if your shipment has left its airport of origin? Has it been delivered?

Cargo Products

Since 1993 we have been member of the SkyTeam Cargo alliance, therefore you can be certain, that we only offer cargo products of the highest quality, whether General cargo, Express with the highest priority, or goods requiring the highest care from the Specialized series. Whether you are transporting screws, a bear, or gold bars, you can always rely on us.

Czech Airlines Airbus A319 in-flight

Track Shipment

Want to know if your shipment has left its airport of origin? Has it been delivered? Thanks to the excellent work of our handling agents around the world, you can check the status of your shipment based on EDI messages in our system right here.



Besides our regular passenger flights, we can also offer a wide and reliable network of Road Feeder Service (RFS). This option is appropriate in cases when the destination is serviced by small aircraft, or is not operated on the requested date at all.



Our Airbus A320 and AirbusA319 planes transport loosely laid cargo. We do not make use of air cargo container or palettes (ULD). This allows us to transport goods with atypical shapes and dimensions, including very long items. 


Conditions of Carriage for Cargo

We want the transportation of goods on Czech airlines routes to be as simple as possible for our clients. For this reason, we follow in all respects the conditions of carriage of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).


Cargo Sales Network

Here you will find our network of representatives abroad, as well as a list of our contractual business partners in the Czech Republic. All these agents are reliable and vetted partners for the air transportation of goods.

Czech Airlines Airbus A319 aircraft on a stand connected with the terminal building by a jet bridge

Handling Agents

Here you will find our list of handling agents in all stations operated by Czech Airlines. These are vetted and reliable experts with cutting edge equipment and state of the art storage technologies.


Contact Us Regarding the Transportation of Goods

In case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact our Cargo Team. This group of thoroughly trained specialist with many years of experience in the air cargo industry can advise you in any situation.