Travel Service to Become Czech Airlines Majority Shareholder

October 6, 2017

Travel Service, a.s., has reached an agreement with existing Czech Airlines shareholders regarding the purchase of their Czech Airlines shares. Upon completion of the transfers of the 44% of Czech Airlines shares from Korean Air Lines Co., Ltd. and the 19.735% of Czech Airlines shares held by PRISKO a.s. to Travel Service, the company will become the majority Czech Airlines shareholder with 97.735% of shares. The transactions should be finalised in an approximately 3-month period, after the approval of respective Offices for the Protection of Competition in several countries is granted.

PRISKO a.s., whose sole shareholder is the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic, may withdraw from the Purchase Agreement during a five-workday period from the date of receipt of the last approval of the respective Office for the Protection of Competition. In such an event, Travel Service would hold 78% of Czech Airlines shares.

Existing Czech Airlines shareholders are as follows: Korean Air Lines Co., Ltd. (holding 44% of Czech Airlines shares), Travel Service, a.s. (with 34% of shares), PRISKO a.s. (19.735 %) and Česká pojišťovna a.s. (2.265 %).