Travelling without Barriers

Passengers with Reduced Mobility and Orientation

If you need assistance at the airport, during check-in, boarding and flight, please request the service at the time of booking your flight or later, but at least 48 hours before your scheduled departure. To request assistance, please, contact our sales office or send your telephone number to We will contact you at our earliest convenience.

Safety Instructions and Limitations

  • Acceptance of passengers with reduced mobility and orientation for air transport may be limited with regard to their safety and the safety of other passengers.
  • Under exceptional circumstances, for safety reasons, we are authorised to refuse the carriage of passengers with reduced mobility and orientation or the carriage of their medical equipment, e.g. when the type of aircraft, its door, technical equipment or cabin space prevent their safe transport.
  • Due to safety requirements of emergency procedures, we may request passengers with reduced mobility and orientation to be accompanied by an escort during the flight. The escort must be an adult capable of providing due assistance to the passenger with reduced mobility and orientation or to immobile passenger when moving around the cabin, e.g. from their seat to lavatory, aircraft door or emergency exit.
  • The maximum number of unaccompanied immobile passengers on board depends on the type or aircraft:
    • ATR or Airbus A319 – 1 person
    • Airbus A320 or A330 – 2 people

At the Airport

At all EU airports, assistance to passengers with reduced mobility and orientation is provided by local specialised companies irrespective of the carrier.
Outside the EU, assistance is provided by Czech Airlines’ ground handling agent in line with the technical equipment and conditions of the respective airport.
An airport wheelchair is made available to passengers with reduced mobility upon their arrival at the airport, during check-in and on the way to/from the aircraft.

Transport of Mobility Aids

Passengers with reduced mobility and orientation may carry free of charge up to 2 pieces of mobility aids, including a wheelchair, as checked baggage in excess of their free baggage allowance based on the tariff package of their ticket.

Assistance Dogs

Certified assistance dogs accompanying visually impaired passengers and passengers with reduced mobility dependent on their help are transported free of charge in the passenger cabin. Assistance dogs are transported free of charge in the passenger cabin provided they wear a harness, are on a leash and have a training certificate and all travel documents required.

Aboard an Aircraft

Wheelchairs for passengers with limited mobility and orientation may only be used in-flight aboard Airbus A319 and A330.

Assistance dogs are transported on the floor next to the passenger dependent on their assistance in front of a seat which remains unoccupied.

For safety reasons, passengers with reduced mobility and orientation may not be seated in exit rows.   

Pregnant Women

If the course of your pregnancy has been without complications, you can travel aboard Czech Airlines flights up to 34 weeks in single pregnancies and up to 28 weeks in multiple pregnancies.

  • Upon a request by the check-in agent, please show your pregnancy pass or a doctor’s note to verify the length of your pregnancy. If you are unable to show either, we are authorised to exclude you from transport.
  • If you have suffered complications during your pregnancy or have had a multiple pregnancy before, please consult your travel plans with your physician.
  • For safety reasons, pregnant women may not be seated in exit rows.