Travel Information

A father and his son sitting in an airport hall beside their baggage, watching aircraft and waiting for boarding


The amount and weight of baggage which can be checked or taken aboard the aircraft free of charge varies depending on the Travel Class and conditions of your ticket Price Package. You can find below everything you need to know about cabin and checked baggage transport, the transport of sports equipment, valuable and fragile items including instructions on what to do if something goes wrong with your baggage.

Czech Airlines aircraft interior - Business Class seats

Travel Classes

Only select the services you are going to use during your flight with us. We offer five price packages in two travel classes, i.e. something for everyone, based on your needs, preferences and budgets.

Our price packages allow a better selection and combination of services included in the ticket price with additional services. Create an individual package of services you are going to use during your flight with us based on your needs.

Two children sitting on a seat in an airport hall, playing online games while waiting for boarding

Travelling with Children

Children are some of our most valued passengers. The following information has been drafted for their parents.

A Maltese dog sitting in a piece of open baggage atop some clothes, ready to go on a trip

Travelling with Animals

We know your pet’s comfort and safety is everything to you.  Please read the conditions of carriage of pets aboard Czech Airlines-operated flights before you decide to travel with yours.

A close-up view of a wheelchair in an airport hall

Travelling without Barriers

Assistance to passengers with reduced mobility and orientation is provided free of charge.
If you are not certain whether your health permits you to travel by air please consult your travel plans with your physician in advance. Request assistance at the time of booking your flight or later, but at least 48 hours before departure via our Contact Centre.

A young woman using her mobile phone while sitting beside her baggage in an airport hall waiting for boarding

Managing my Bookings

Manage all your reservations and already-issued tickets online in one place using the MY BOOKINGS application. You can also download one of the Czech Airlines’ native applications for iOS, Android and Windows operating systems into your mobile phone.

Rows of empty passenger seats with screens on board an aircraft


Choose where you want to sit aboard the aircraft when booking your ticket. Purchase a comfortable preferred seat in front rows and by emergency exits or select one of the available unoccupied seats. You can even do this later, using the MY BOOKINGS application.

Airport security check - baggage under a scanner

Transport Safety

Air transport is subject to strict security and safety measures. Thanks to that, it is the safest means of transport. Both passenger and air traffic safety are our utmost priorities. Please get acquainted with the safety measures which will apply to your journey.

A close-up view of travel documents and passports with visas

Conditions of Carriage

Please read carefully the conditions of carriage that apply to Czech Airlines operated flights.

A young woman with a passport in her hand checking in for her flight at an airport check-in desk

Checking in

You can check-in for your flight with us in one of the following ways: online via our website, using your mobile telephone and our native applications, via our mobile website, directly at check-in desks and, at selected airports, via self-check-in kiosks. All options are free of charge.

A young woman sitting beside her baggage in an airport lounge waiting for boarding

Airport Lounges

Enjoy the wait for your departure relaxing in an exclusive environment and book a visit to the Menzies Aviation Lounges in Terminals 1 and 2 at Václav Havel Airport Prague at favourable prices.



The SkyPriority service entitles you to exclusive and priority services at airports with active presence of the SkyTeam alliance. The SkyPriority service characteristic red symbols will lead you through airports in an easy and fast manner. Passengers entitled to the service will see the symbol also on their tickets, itineraries and boarding passes. Thanks to the SkyPriority service common rules, things always happen in the same way – nice and smooth irrespective of the airport, starting from priority check-in, all the way to immigration and passport control.

Women aboard a Czech Airlines flight ordering refreshments from the BUY-ON-BOARD menu

Czech Airlines In-flight Refreshments

Working with renowned Czech chefs, we prepare meals for you using top quality ingredients to ensure that the food tastes the same on-board at an altitude of almost 11km as on the ground. In Business Class, we serve exceptional meals and offer a wide selection of beverages, all included in the ticket price. On short-haul flights, passengers with Economy Class tickets can order hot and cold meals from our GOURMET MENU offer or purchase light sweet or savoury snacks and drinks during the flight.

A young woman holding colourful shopping bags in her hand, smiling

Sky Shop

Before departure, but no later than 48 hours to the departure time, choose and order online from a wide selection of premium goods carried by our Sky Shop at favourable prices and have the merchandise delivered to the aircraft. You can then decide during the flight whether or not you will make the purchase.

A man aboard a Czech Airlines aircraft checking the joint Czech Airlines and Smartwings MyWings magazine

MyWings Magazine

MyWings, a new, joint in-flight magazine for Smartwings and Czech Airlines passengers, was launched in January 2019. It combines the two in-flight magazines until now separately published by the two carriers into one strong platform with wide coverage.

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Stay in Touch

Would you like to receive the most recent information about new services, products and benefits offered to you by us? Would you like to share with us your opinion on our website or your experience with our services? Did you enjoy flying with us and would like to pass thanks to our team? Stay in touch with us. Your feedback is important!

Damaged Baggage

Delayed and Damaged Baggage

We are sorry that your baggage was delayed on arrival or got damaged. We will advise you on steps to be taken in such cases.

Baggage ready for handling at an airport

Baggage in Excess of Free Allowance

Carefully plan ahead all your baggage needs. If you purchase extra or overweight baggage ahead of time using the MY BOOKINGS application on our website, you will save both time and money.



Treat yourself to first-class quality snacks in Economy class, too and choose from our current offer of hot and cold GOURMET MENU specialities.

Wooden dummies against a wooden background; a finger pushing one of the figurines up, above the others

Business Class Upgrade Auction Game

Have you purchased an Economy Class ticket on our website and would like to travel Business Class? Join our Plusgrade service.

Reception of the Menzies Aviation Lounge at Václav Havel Airport Prague

Airport Lounges in Prague

Book the airport lounge at Václav Havel Airport Prague visit together with tickets via our website. The visits can also be ordered online at a later date using the MY BOOKINGS application, our Contact Centre, our ticket sales points, travel agencies and ticketing agents.

A passenger about to sit down in their pre-ordered preferred seat aboard a Czech Airlines aircraft while being offered refreshments by a flight attendant

Preferred Seats

Make sure your journey is as comfortable as possible by selecting and buying your preferred seat in advance, ideally together with your ticket. You can choose from exit row, window or isle seats, Airbus and Boeing front row seats, or ATR aircraft back row seats. 

A travel insurance form with a pen

Travel Insurance

A number of unexpected events may happen before departure and during your holiday or business trip which will result in the need to cancel or change your ticket and/or stay at the final destination. Our travel insurance will provide you with assistance services, help when in trouble and coverage of the costs connected with insurance claims. Purchase travel insurance along with your ticket and travel trouble and worry-free.  

Prague - a view of the Old Town square with Old Town Hall and Astronomical Clock, incl. Tyn Church

Prague Guided Tours

Discover the beauty and history of Prague with our professional, licensed guides. Enjoy the most beautiful places of Prague: Old Town Square with its astronomical clock, the breathtaking Charles Bridge, and beautiful views form Prague Castle. Or venture farther afield and discover other Prague neighborhoods, each with its own charm! Find out more about our private and group walking tours.