Inflight Entertainment System

MyWings TV available on Short and Medium-Haul Flights

MyWings TV: Films, TV shows, Audio, Publications, Newspapers, Games, Moving Map

Take-off and connect to FREE Inflight entertainment from the comfort of your mobile device. Download newspapers or magazines, watch movies, play games and listen to music - simply make your flight more fun!

Newspapers and magazines can be downloaded on your smartphone, tablet or laptop and will be available on your device even after your arrival.

Have fun with My Wings TV throughout your flight!

Newspapers and magazines
You can choose from various titles of newspapers and current magazines, which you can download to your mobile device.

Films, TV shows and Music
More than 200 hours of movies, TV shows and music. Connect the headphones to your device to activate the sound.

Entertain your kids during the flight.

Track your flight – follow up the interactive map with flight information.

How to connect?

Three easy steps to get connected

  • Before take-off, switch your device to AIRPLANE MODE
  • When the cruise level is reached, and the FASTEN SEATBELT sign is turned off, turn on Wi-Fi and connect to MyWingsTV Network
  • Open a browser on your device (Chrome or Safari is recommended) and enter

The Inflight entertainment is available on selected Czech airlines and Smartwings aircrafts.  

MyWings TV content is available in the following languages:


  Czech English Polish German French Slovak Hungarian
TV Shows


The Inflight entertainment is available once the cruise level is reached, and on selected types of aircraft. You can only watch movies and listen to music using headphones.

Inflight Entertainment on the Prague – Seoul Route

Rows of empty passenger seats with screens on board an aircraft

To make your flight even more pleasant we offer you wide selection of our inflight entertainment.

Current selection could be found on our inflight entertainment system on Airbus A330.

Movies For your convenience, we provide movies from various genres at your finger tips.
TV Easy access to informative news programs, documentaries and exciting short features.
Audio Enjoy music CDs on demand, radio channels, and an audio book.
Airshow Browse the moving map and flight information.
Kids Movies, short films, music and games for children are also offered.