Travel Classes

Economy Class

LITE Package

The LITE Package designed for customers looking for the lowest price offer covers the transport of a passenger with only cabin baggage from point A to point B. All additional services, such as checked baggage transport or preferred seat selection, are subject to a fee or not available under this price package (e.g. ticket refunds). The LITE package is offered on all Czech Airlines-operated regular flights.

PLUS Package

The PLUS package is the ideal choice for customers looking for an optimal price/extent of service ratio. Compared to the LITE package, it includes the transport of a small personal item in passenger cabin, 1 piece of checked baggage and the option of preferred seat selection. Tickets purchased under the Plus package are non‑refundable.

FLEX Package

The FLEX package will be appreciated by customers who prefer flexibility and additional services included in the ticket price, i.e. the all in one model. Compared to the PLUS package, it also allows changes to existing reservation departure or arrival dates for the fare difference only and offers the option of cancelling the ticket for a fee. It also includes the SkyPriority service and light in-flight snacks in the ticket price.

Business Class


The price package of the greatest value which includes complex services and offers premium travelling including full flexibility, i.e. changes to departure and arrival dates for the fare difference only and free ticket refunds.   



The BUSINESS LITE package designed for passengers who want to enjoy all the perks of premium travelling but do not require departure and arrival date flexibility. Changes to departure and arrival dates are subject to a fee under this price package; Business Lite package tickets are non-refundable.

Czech Airlines Price Packages on Short and Medium-Haul Flights

Price Package
Travel Class
BAGGAGE Cabin Bag   1 x 8kg   1 x 8kg   1 x 8kg   2 x 8kg   2 x 8kg
Small Personal Item   1 x 3kg   1 x 3kg   1 x 3kg   1 x 3kg
Checked Bag  from EUR 31   1 x 23kg   1 x 23kg   2 x 32kg   2 x 32kg
SEATS Seat Selection  from EUR 6
Preferred Seats  from EUR 12  from EUR 12  from EUR 12
Gourmet Menu  from EUR 17  from EUR 17  from EUR 17
FLEXIBILITY Rebooking*  from EUR 60
+ fare difference if applicable
 from EUR 60
+ fare difference if applicable
for fare
difference if applicable
 from EUR 60
+ fare difference if applicable
for fare
difference if applicable
Refund**  from EUR 60
AIRPORTS SkyPriority***
Lounge in Prague  from EUR 28  from EUR 28  from EUR 28
OK PLUS OK Plus Miles  20% - 100%  20% - 175%  20% - 175%  20% - 200%  20% - 200%
OK Plus Corporate Points
CHILDREN Under 2 years 90% discount****
Under 12 years 25% discount

* Rebooking fees: EUR 60 before departure; EUR 100 within 72 hours from the originally-scheduled departure. Together with the rebooking fee, passengers will be charged the fare difference if the same fare is unavailable on the rebooked flight. 
** Ticket refunds: EUR 60 for every unused segment.
*** SkyPriority and Priority Boarding services are available at selected airports only.
**** Discounted fare applies to a child travelling on an adult's lap only.

  • The above-listed prices only apply to purchases made via together with tickets or via My Bookings application.
  • Purchases of the above-listed services made via the Contact Centre, sales and ticketing offices may be subject to additional service fees.
  • The above-listed services are available on Czech Airlines-operated flights only to passengers holding Czech Airlines tickets (with OK codes).
  • Conditions of Carriage applied by partner airlines are available on Czech Airlines' website under the Conditions of Carriage section.