We Are Resuming Flights to Selected Destinations in May

May 7, 2020

Destinations which we will connect with Prague

as early as 18 May 2020:

as early as 21 May 2020:

as early as 25 May 2020:

as early as 15 June 2020

as early as 16 June 2020

as early as 17 June 2020

as early as 22 June 2020

as early as 25 June 2020
London (Heathrow)

We closely monitor the situation in individual countries and ensure that the gradual renewal of operations on routes is performed in accordance with the rules and regulations in place in the respective countries. As a result, there may be additional changes to the flight schedule of which we will inform you. Tickets for later dates to additional destinations may already be booked.

Please Note:
We recommend you always check the current rules and regulations for entering the country of your final destination before your journey. This also applies to citizens and permanent residents as well as passengers in transit or transfer. In some cases, a negative COVID-19 test result may be required. For additional information on rules and regulations for entering or transferring through the country of your final destination, please contact the authorities of the respective country.