Czech Airlines returns to the Caucasus, relaunching its regular Prague – Yerevan route

March 29, 2018

Czech Airlines is adding another seasonal destination to its 2018 summer schedule by relaunching its regular scheduled route between Prague and Yerevan, effective 8 June 2018. For now, the route will be operated on a seasonal basis until 7 September 2018. Departures from Prague are scheduled twice weekly, on Tuesday and Friday evenings, while return flights will be operated from Yerevan on Wednesdays and Saturdays in the early morning hours. Tickets for the route, with one-way ticket prices starting at EUR 189 including airport charges and taxes, will be available on and via all distribution channels as of today.

Czech Airlines will operate the route with Airbus A319s. Flights between Prague and Yerevan will take almost 3 hours and 45 minutes, while flights in the reverse direction will be 15 minutes longer. Tickets under all price packages will be available: from the LITE price package, not featuring checked-in baggage, to BUSINESS. One-way tickets between Prague and Yerevan start at EUR 189, while return tickets can be purchased from EUR 351 including all airport charges and taxes.

“Eastern European markets and the markets of the Transcaucasian Republics were stabilised last year and, in many aspects, returned to their pre-crisis level of 2014. This has been confirmed by the growing demand for air transport from Russia and Armenia to the Czech Republic. Therefore, we have decided to return to the Armenian market and relaunch our regular scheduled Prague – Yerevan route,” Ján Tóth, Czech Airlines Director for Commerce stated, adding: “The route has primarily been designed for travellers from Armenia headed to Prague. The arrivals and departures of the new Yerevan flights connect to the departures and arrivals of many of Czech Airlines’ regular services to/from Germany, Belgium, France and Scandinavia with large Armenian diasporas. In recent years, Transcaucasian destinations have also been sought after by Czech travellers. As a result, we strongly believe that the route will become popular in the Czech Republic, too.” 

The Czech Airlines’ regular scheduled route between Prague and Yerevan is ideally connected to other routes operated by the carrier to/from destinations in Western and Northern Europe. Travellers from Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Stockholm or Helsinki can thus easily get to Yerevan via Prague without having to wait a long time. Ideal connectivity has also been ensured in the reverse direction, taking passengers to the listed destinations all the way from Yerevan via Prague aboard Czech Airlines’ flights.

Czech Airlines is relaunching its regular scheduled Prague – Yerevan route after a four-year break. In the past, the carrier operated the route from June 2003 to October 2014 when operations were temporarily disrupted due to the Russian crisis, the drop in the Rouble exchange rate and exchange rates of neighbouring countries, followed by a decrease in demand for flights to the Czech Republic.  

Czech Airlines Prague – Yerevan Route Schedule:

From To Days Departure Time Arrival Time
OK 930 8/6/18 7/9/18 2 . 5 .  . PRG 21:55 EVN 03:35
OK 931 9/6/18 8/9/18 . 3 .. EVN 04:25 PRG  06:20 


Daniel Šabík 
Czech Airlines Spokesperson