Travelling with Pets

We know how much your pets comfort and safety mean to you. We have prepared useful information for you regarding the options and conditions of their transport on Czech Airlines’ flights.

You can book easy and safe transport of your beloved pet immediately after completing your booking by contacting our Czech Airlines distribution points or via our Call Centre at: +420 239 007 007.

Live animals can only be transported to countries where the regulations of the country permit, and subject to the terms and conditions specified by that country.  For detailed information, contact the country’s embassy in the Czech Republic or the Czech State Veterinary Administration.

Animals in Aircraft Cabin

Only dogs or cats, may be transported in the aircraft cabin together with their owners upon the following conditions:

  • The animal must be placed in a special box (max. sizes 43 x 30 x 27 cm, max. weight with the animal 8 kg),
  • Check-in must be completed at the latest 60 minutes prior the scheduled departure of your flight,
  • There can be a maximum of three small animals aboard the aircraft (two in the Economy and one in the Business Class),
  • Charge of EUR 60 / CZK 1700 is collected for the carriage of your animal

An exception applies to rescue and police dogs on duty, and assistance dogs for passengers who are dependent on accompanying dog. These animals are carried in the cabin preferentially, without a crate, and at no charge.

Animals in the Airplane Hold as Checked Baggage

A dog, cat or ferret can be transported in the airplane hold as a checked baggage (other animals are only transported as cargo) upon the following conditions:

  • The carriage of animals in the hold as checked baggage is permitted only on flights to certain countries
  • Animals must be transported in boxes with waterproof bottoms and holes for air circulation (max. sizes 125 x 69 x 80 cm),
  • There must be a tag attached to the box with your name, address and telephone contact,
  • The animal must travel with appropriate documents,
  • Animal transport is subject to a fee.

The transported animal will be checked-in for the flight at the same time as your baggage. Airport personnel will verify whether the transport box complies with the rules, whether the animal has enough space, whether there is enough food and water for the duration of the flight with the option of refilling from outside. Additionally, the airport personnel check the required documentation for the transported animal and its health. Then, the animal is handed over to the aircraft loading crew.

Europe        Euro-Asian Flights
Pet in hold – small, up to 23kg EUR 60
CZK 1700
EUR 75
CZK 2100
Pet in hold – mid-sized, up to 32kgEUR 120
CZK 3400
EUR 150
CZK 4200
Pet in hold – large, up to 50kgEUR 180
CZK 5100
EUR 225
CZK 6300
Pet in hold – extra-large, over 50kgEUR 240
CZK 6800
EUR 300
CZK 8400